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Your company may be part of the Mitsubishi VIP Program!

You may be eligible for employee purchase discounts.

Mitsubishi Motors North America's VIP program (also known as the Partners program) offers employees of Mitsubishi group companies and affiliated vendor companies many VIP advantages - including special purchase discounts and incentives. There are hundreds of affiliated companies.

We invite you to check the attached VIP partner company lists to see if your employer is a member. If your company is listed you may be eligible for special employee pricing under the VIP Purchase program. If qualified, contact your internal program administrator for VIP Program log in information.

If you have any questions please contact us at the dealership for more information.

DOWNLOAD the list of participating Mitsubishi Group Companies here

DOWNLOAD the list of Affiliated Vendor Companies here

If you are already a member visit the Mitsubishi VIP Program page for more information.

Mitsubishi VIP Program log in LINK:


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