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The San Rafael Mitsubishi Way

Purchasing a Pre-Owned vehicle is a leap of faith for most people. Buying that vehicle from an experienced and trusted source is a smart move. All new cars are created equal, but every Pre-Owned vehicle has a unique story … We like to make every one of ours a happy one.

We take particular pride in our Pre-Owned Department, one of the finest operations in California. Offering our customers the best selection, top quality and remarkable value requires expertise in many areas. Our Pre-Owned team is highly experienced in vehicle selection, inspection and reconditioning. Our market awareness and purchasing skill means that, we simply can find better cars and offer them for sale at better prices than the competition.

We are one of Marin’s largest Pre-Owned vehicle specialists. We have a selection of quality vehicles, specializing in European, Japanese and American vehicles. Our extensive pre-sale inspection ensures that you will get a good car. We dare you to find a better Pre-Owned inventory at more reasonable prices anywhere.

Today's market for Pre-Owned vehicles is extremely competitive. San Rafael Mitsubishi offers the best prices on some of the most desirable models, and delivers that value in one of the most exceptional shopping experiences possible. We hope you will browse through our web site and see the exceptional vehicles and attractive prices we offer.

If you find one that catches your interest, we invite you to call or email to set a personal appointment, or just stop by to take a closer look. You’ll find our friendly and professional staff ready to provide exceptional customer service.


No tricks, no games, no pressure.


If you are shopping around you’ll find no shortage of used vehicles available on the Internet and off the lots of literally hundreds of Bay Area used car dealers. Many will look attractive, but automotive beauty is often skin deep. Without detailed knowledge of the car’s history, or abiding faith in the dealer the customer often is left with the lingering question : "Am I getting a good car and the best deal in California?"

At San Rafael Mitsubishi, the answer is "YES!"

Michael Glasser
CFO Sales
San Rafael Mitsubishi

Great Guys - Great Service - Great Cars, and always … GREAT DEALS!

San Rafael Mitsubishi
807 East Francisco Blvd.
San Rafael, California 94901
415 454.7000

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